Handcraft Bakery & Espresso – Denver

Handcraft Bakery & Espresso

I know it is hard to believe, but there is a bakery that is guaranteed to make more memorable culinary creations than your grandmother, you have to try them for yourself at Handcraft Bakery & Espresso. Their baked goods and espresso drinks are on point.

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The Best Place In Denver to Have an Espresso Paired With a Gourmet Treat

Olivia Brewer is the owner and head baker at Handcraft Bakery. She wanted to create this business to share her passion and enthusiasm for the art of handmade-from-scratch baking. She not only wanted to focus on how her creations taste on the inside but also how they look on the outside.

She has worked in customer service, as fondant artist, and as wedding cake decorator because she knows her knowledgable and wide-range perspective about the service industry will better not only her business but herself as well.

You’ll Always Get Served With Quality and Personalized Care

Handcraft Bakery & Espresso are a unique business because they care about the craft of baking and serving their customers with quality, personalized, and taste-filled bakery items and beverages. Brewer and her team go out of their way to design and craft the perfect bakery good that you have always dreamed of tasting.

They Have A Variety of Delicious Treats and Even Some For Pets

There is no limit to what they are willing to create for you as long as it is sweet and edible. Whether you need a holiday pie, breakfast granola, or even a pet-ready dessert, they are ready to create it.

The menu will sure leave you puzzled in what to get because there are so many fantastic, delicious, and to-die-for options like croissants, pies, cheesecakes, tiramisu, cupcakes, decorated cookies, tarts, muffins, doughnuts, sweetbreads, bagels, scones, bars, and granola just to name a few!

There Are No Limits To Their Creations

But to get into specifics, Handcraft Bakery & Espresso has unique pastry creations like almond raspberry croissants, lemon blueberry coffee cake, sticky pecan buns, or blueberry peach braided brioche for you to enjoy.

They Offer Corporate Meeting Boxes and Delivery

They also have corporate meeting boxes available for companies or other businesses to purchase so they can make their morning meetings just a little bit sweeter. And, they offer delivery options whether you need cupcakes for a birthday party or cake for a wedding, or just work with them to create your dream dessert buffet for any type of occasion.

The House-made Lavender Syrup Is A Town Favorite and They Have Many Coffee Drinks To Choose From

Also, who does not love pairing a tasty treat with a delicious drink? Handcraft Bakery & Espresso has a variety of unique options for expresso and tea.

You can try the ultimate combination of their house-made lavender syrup and London fog or eggnog cortado with a spiced sugar rim. Just be prepared to choose from an array of creative options at Handcraft Bakery & Espresso.

There Is Plenty Of Seating and Free WiFi For Paying Customers

And if you want to stay awhile, they have seating and WIFI available for you to enjoy at your leisure in the relaxing environment. Maybe even share a picture of your experience on social media, just remember to tag Handcraft Bakery & Espresso and give them a follow so you can be aware of updates and news.

You will taste the made-from-scratch difference & love in every bite” – Handcraft Bakery & Espresso


1999 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202.