Holsem Coffee – North Park

Holsem Coffee North Park

Holsem Coffee is a sleek and unique coffee shop and cafe located in North Park, a neighborhood in San Diego, California. Third Wave Coffee is their trade, and this means that their focus is not on dolling out beverages as a hot commodity, but rather as an artisanal delicacy.

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What Makes Holsem Coffee Special?

Holsem Coffee has made their place through the quality of their craft.  Roasters of their own beans, Holsem Coffee provides a list of seven daily blends and roasts, including the Holsem Blend, Espresso, Peru, Kenya, Yirgecheffe, Sidamo, and of course decaf.

In handling the roasting and brewing themselves, they are able to ensure the quality and freshness of their coffee. Holsem Coffee is dedicated to sourcing their beans from Fair Trade sources, and once they have them, there is nothing fake about it: no preservatives, colors, or other additives. 

Holsem ensures what they provide is wholesome. Using their black coffee basics, they craft what makes them unique. Formed with flavor and forethought, their menu features categories such as classics, creations, food, tea and soda, and even alcohol.

Creative and Handcrafted Favorites at Holsem Coffee

The “Creations” section of the menu is the largest and most popular, with its subsections being coffee, cold brew, espresso, latte and mocha, cappuccino, and frozen. Those may sound like your ordinary coffee creations, but each of these subsections features drinks that all heavily stand out from one another.

Under coffee, they take their Holsem Blend and mix cardamom, cream, and evaporated cane sugar to form “The Zaki.” Under cold brew there is the “Nutella,” which mixes cold brew with hazelnut milk and dark chocolate.

The espresso section features the “Cubano” and “Egg Cream.” One of the most unique offerings on the “Creations” menu lies in the “Cold Brew Float” and “Espresso Shake.” 

As with everything on their menu, Holsem Coffee is constantly inventing and replacing the old with the new, or as their motto would put it, evolving.

Holsem Coffee Offers More than Just Coffee

Beyond the beverages they craft and invent entirely on their own, they also serve alcohol that they source from local breweries, which helps intertwine them with their surrounding community businesses.

Food is also for purchase, and Holsem Coffee ensures that too is fresh. With consideration to having something for all times of day, they serve items that range from brown rice porridge, fruit puddings, charcuterie platters and cheese boards, hot pressed sandwiches, and the coffee shop standard that is baked pastries. 

Holsem Coffee is dedicated to quality in their offerings, seeking to put a smile on your face. However, they also strive to use their own smiles in the process, with providing quality customer service. The way they seek smiles also filters its way into their design choices.

The Unique Decor at Holsem Coffee

Holsem Coffee store features a “London inspired design,” which appears sleek and minimalist. Look inside and you’ll see a white marble counter top, golden light fixtures, clear chairs, wooden tables, and simple touches of decor, such as a flower vase sat among the sugar and cream table.

A wholesome environment for them is wholly centered in high design. Visit Holsem Coffee in North Park to experience it for yourself.


2911 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104