Illy Moka Pot Products

bialetti moka coffee pot

Moka Pots have been known to produce one of the best tasting coffees out there. Illy Moka Pots are no different in that area. This coffee pot is made by the Illy company, one of the leading brands when it comes to coffee.

The company was founded in 1933, and has since formed a great relationship with some of the best coffee producers across the world. Moka pots were originally created Bialetti, hence the name Bialetti Moka Pot!

It is a family-owned company that takes pride in providing high quality coffee for home use, office use, hotels and restaurants.

#1. Illy Moka Coffee

Illy coffee is made using different techniques that sets them apart from other brands. The blend consists of nine arabica beans that are collected from different parts of the world.

Each of the beans bring their unique taste, that when combined, contribute to the rich flavor and aroma of Illy coffee.

The blend is roasted, then cooled to add to its greatness, while the pleasant taste and smell is preserved using a pressurization technique.

#2. Moka Pots

Some Moka Pots come with two chambers (in Italy), while most have three chambers. Some of them are made with a similar design to the hourglass, but there are other different designs.

They all use the same brewing technique. The basic technique involved is pouring water in the lower chamber, and adding ground coffee to the middle chamber. The ready coffee will collect in the upper chamber.

The lower chamber is made of a cylinder to hold water, while the middle part is made with a filter funnel. The top chamber is for collecting the coffee after the nozzle squirts it up and out from below.

Some of the factors to consider when using these pots include the size of the grind and the heat level. Although moka coffee usually depends on a fine ground coffee, having a grind that is too fine isn’t ideal, since it prevents moisture from rising as it should.

Controlling the heat is another important factor, since it determines how well the coffee will come out. Too much heat will erase the taste and smell of the moka coffee. You should, therefore, use the Moka Pot on low-medium heat.

When using a Illy Moka Pot, you have to be careful about timing. You should take it from the heat as soon as it begins to “gurgle”.

Waiting for it to bubble or start rising also leads to the detriment of the flavor and aroma. Ensure that you mix the coffee with a spoon before pouring to get the full, rich flavor.

Taking care of the Illy Moka Pots is easy. You only have to rinse the pot with hot water after every use. Take the chambers apart before rinsing for better results. It’s also advisable to let the parts dry off completely before putting them together.


Illy’s coffee differs from others, and is easily identifiable. With a mission of producing the highest quality coffee, Illy ensures that their experience and skills are put to great use.

The outcome is usually a sweet coffee that smells like caramel, chocolate, and fruits. Using their Moka Pots will give you the best coffee making experience, making those who are trying it out for the first time fall in love with it.