Illy Coffee: Superior, Quality Coffee Worldwide

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The mere mention of coffee will always send a cold shiver down the spine of any enthusiast. That was the case with Francesco Illy, a native Italian, who founded Illy brand coffee in 1933.

To date, the Illy family prides itself of its establishment, with Andrea Illy as the chairman, and Anna Illy jr. as the public relations officer. If you’re looking for other options, then check out our article where we discuss various regional beans here.

Quality Coffee At Its Best

With a mission to delight its customers with as quality a coffee as nature can provide, Illy has been able to spread its wings to five continents worldwide.

In different offices, homes, and cafés on these five continents, Illy admirers can enjoy a blend of nine types of highly bred Arabica coffee.

The coffee industry is highly competitive, with many companies struggling to keep afloat. This is not the case with Illy. The company prides itself on being a benchmark for different companies, through its constant innovation of different products and technologies.

Due to this, Illy is a leading company in premium coffee provision to different exotic destinations over five continents, and also the rest of the world.

Illy’s Creativity

The Illy dream has been kept alive by a team of creative individuals who bring the coffee experience to a different level. This is through designer mugs and cups, accessories, and coffee machines like Illy Moka Pots. But that is not all.

The company has over 236 cafés and coffee shops, spread over 140 countries. To keep the customers satisfied, the company employs an army of skilled baristas, with experience in coffee making in coffee shops and cafés. The baristas are titled “Artisti del Gusto”.


Unlike different coffee companies all over the world, Illy prides itself on its stakeholders in Africa, India, Central and South America. They always strive to improve the livelihoods of different coffee producers.

To this effect, Illy has been certified as a Responsible Supply Chain Processor by the DNV GL. It’s only expected that Illy will continue scaling the heights of coffee production in the near future.