Kohi Coffee Company – Boston

Kohi coffee

Kohi Coffee Company has served one delicious cup at a time since its debut in Provincetown, MA in June 2014. Its founders, James DeRosier and Ryan Campbell, a couple from Washington, wanted to produce great coffee in a unique place, all while cultivating a strong sense of community.

James and Ryan admire Japanese culture and design so much that they named their coffee shops ‘Kohi’ which means coffee in the Japanese language. 

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Unique design, convenient locations, and a spiritual after taste

Kohi’s interesting geometric logo of a ram’s head represents the way coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. Goat herders in Ethiopia noted that after the goats ingested coffee berries they became highly spirited! Wouldn’t you know the natural caffeine affects animals too! 

All 3 locations have been created and designed by the owner

Building nature into structure is important to Campbell who uses the unique features of each location and integrates them into the full experience. For example, the small Provincetown location features a wide open front door view of the ocean, reminding you that you are right on the tip of the Massachusetts peninsula.

In October 2017 when James and Ryan opened their second shop at Boston Landing in Brighton they featured floor to ceiling windows with a much larger communal space than the location in Ptown. The third location opened in August 2018 in downtown Boston on Summer Street. This shop has a convenient walk-up window for city lifers on the go and also can be accessed from the lobby. 

They offer espresso, cold brew, lattes, teas, pour-overs and a few specialty drinks

A standard cup of joe goes for as low as $3, while the specialty drinks range from $3-$5. The coffee beans are set to medium roast, giving the coffee a distinct taste. Kohi sources their beans from Maine based, Tandem Coffee Roasters.

Try the NOLA cold brew from New Orleans if you are looking for a unique drink. The NOLA is flavored with chicory root and sweetened with cane sugar.

They have a breakfast, lunch and dessert menu

Aside from delicious drinks Kohi offers a variety of baked goods like scones, cookies, and bread to go with your drink. The menu also has breakfast and lunch options including Greek yogurt, egg tartlets, and Boston salad. The prices range from $4-$9.

Don’t forget to try their custom coffee

Tandem has created a specialty custom coffee brand for Kohi called Race Point. It’s a neighborhood favorite. If you have the desire to create your own unique blends at home you may purchase the whole, roasted Tandem coffee beans as well!

Their beans are guaranteed to be fresh

Each drink is made to order at Kohi coffee which will take at least three minutes, however the way the space is designed the customers and baristas are able to hold a conversation as your cup is being freshly prepared.
Freshness is an absolute guarantee as the coffee beans are not brewed over ten days after they were roasted.

The great views, background music, and light chatter give the space a relaxed feel as you sip on your delicious coffee. They have free Wi-Fi, which makes it a great place to work, read a book, or catch up with a friend.

You will get delicious coffee at an affordable price. The freshly brewed coffee, friendly service, great ambiance, and convenient workspace will have you coming back for more. 


125 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110