Kopi Coffee House – Portland OR

Kopi Coffee House

Oregon’s largest city, Portland is known for its parks, bridges, eco-friendliness, microbreweries and coffeehouses.  The Kopi Coffee House specializes in roasting and serving Small Farm Specialty Coffee from Indonesia and the greater South East Asia Subcontinent.

“Kopi” means “Coffee” in Bahasa Indonesian. This coffee shop has been serving Portland for over 10 years.

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The City of Roses Played a Large Role in Third Wave Coffee

In fact, the City of Roses played a large role in the third wave coffee movement, paving the way for customers to consume, enjoy and appreciate high-quality coffee.

Portland institution Stumptown Coffee Roasters is practically synonymous with third wave coffee, and its early success popularized the lighter-than-normal roasts and pour-over brewing methods that you can find throughout the city.

It’s Not Your Typical Coffee House

Today, visitors to Portland have their pick of minimalist lattes inspired by some of the richest coffee landscapes around the world.

Kopi Coffee House is one such example. The popular cafe is not your typical java house, as it’s the only place within the 503-area code to offer South East Asian coffee.

Inspired From a Trip to Indonesia

Co-founders Lindsey Nack and Joshua Lee Vineyard first launched the coffee house after a trip to Indonesia spent island-hopping and drinking the local specialties of Jahe Kopi and Pokak Madura.

The once-in-a-lifetime trip prompted them to sink their life savings into Kopi Coffee House – and their gamble paid off!

Their Coffee Creations Are Very Creative and Unique

Beloved by locals, Kopi (which literally translates to “coffee” in Bahasa Indonesian) exclusively serves small farm coffee from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India and other islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

Below, we break down just a few of the cafe’s creative and must-try coffee creations, including:

Brief Descriptions of Their Creations Below:

  • The coffee is often poured straight onto a fresh piece of ginger, while kopi jahe is either served with a thick palm sugar called Gula Jawa, or as a health tonic alongside various local spices like nutmeg, cloves and chilis.
  • First-timers need look no further than Kedai Susu, which is Kopi’s best-selling latte. The unique drink is flavored with house kaffir-lemongrass sweetened condensed coconut milk.
  • Kopi’s version of the traditional treat is sweetened with unrefined Gula Jawa atop a luscious caramel and cardamom latte. Swirls of Ghirardelli caramel and Himalayan sea salt provide the perfect finishing touches.

The Decor Is Heavily Influenced in South Asian Style

True to its Indonesian-inspired origins, Kopi Coffee House is decked out with charming South Asian style furniture, rugs, art, mugs and other trinkets. It’s cozy and comfortable enough that you’ll want to come for the coffee but stay for the unique atmosphere. 

Don’t Forget To Try One Of Their Signature Brews

You can buy coffee from Vietnam, Thailand, Bali and Myanmar.  They also serve the most unique coffee in Portland with signature brews such as Indonesian Ginger Coffee,  Vegan Vietnamese Coffee and Brûlée Lattes.

Kopi is located on the north side of East Burnside street, next door to the Screen Door in Portland’s Kern neighborhood. It is open from 7am-5pm on weekdays, and from 8am-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


2327 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214