Lula Rose General Store – Denver CO

Lula Rose General Store

When it comes to finding a coffee café that delivers delicious coffee with a side of nostalgia, look no further.  Lula Rose General Store is that place plus more.  Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually a coffee and a floral shop combined.  Named after the owners Great Aunt Lulu who was once a florist back in Alabama.  If you’re ever in Portland, check out Coava Coffee.

A Place Where Coffee and Conversation is A Must

Lula Rose General store was opened in 2015 by a young entrepreneur named Oliver Miller-Finkel.   He wanted to bring back the feeling that old fashioned diners gave.   You won’t find wifi here because his goal is to bring people together with conversation and a cup of coffee.  It’s not a café that you would bring your laptop to and crank out a bunch of work.  It feels more like visiting Grandma’s place and reading the Sunday paper with her.

It’s a Coffee Shop and Flower Shop

This is not your typical coffee shop. Since this café is also a florist shop you will be adorned with many beautiful flowers and flowerpots.   The shop is made of repurposed wood and looks and feels simple and clean.  However, the main centerpiece is a gorgeous, pale pink La Marzocco espresso machine.  You can’t miss it.   Some would say this location is Instagram worthy.   

They Rotate Their Coffee Selections

The coffee they serve is sourced from different places in the Denver area and they are on rotation throughout the week.  The prices are reasonable, and the selections range from classic coffee to some specialty drinks.  Their cold brew comes highly recommended but if you’re not in the mood for that then try a cappuccino or their famous chai tea latte.   

They Make Their Own Syrups and Milk

They offer dairy and non-dairy options for milk.  The cashew, oat and almond milk are all made in-house.   Some people just come for the house-made milk over ice.   Don’t knock it til’ you try it!

Don’t Forget To Try Their Home-made Treats!

They are doing a lot of things in-house that really catches the attention of coffee lovers.  From their simple syrups made out of raw organic cane sugar to their chai tea.  It’s all made with love and it the customers rave about it. They have a great selection of breakfast food too.  Try a croissant, toast, fresh veggies and eggs.  The pastries are sourced from local Denver spots and they’ve also started making some in-house. 

This Is Not Your Typical Fast Paced Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for a retro style coffee scene with people immersed in conversation while sipping classic feel of diner living.  Leave your electronics at home because they won’t here.  Since the popularity has grown with this concept Miller-Finkel decided to open up another spot.  He called it Little Lula Rose.

They Expanded To Another Shop Called Little Lula Rose

If Lula Rose General Store is a coffee shop that sells some flowers, then Little Lula Rose is a flower shop that sells a little coffee.   The shop opened when the demand for flowers was too much for the general store to keep up with.  It’s a great addition that keeps the business’ flowing. 

Final Words

If you’re in the Denver area, you’ll want to visit this coffee shop.  You can’t miss it.  It has the best coffee sign in Colorado.  A visit to this coffee shop will take you back in time when people had conversations and sipped on a nice cup o’ joe.  Grab some flowers, try their amazing chai tea latte and make a friend.  Lula Rose General Store will not disappoint.


3434 E Colfax Avenue, Denver CO 80206