Mozart’s Coffee Roasters – Austin

Mozart's Coffee Roasters

One of the longest lasting coffee serving establishments in Austin, Texas is Mozart’s Coffee. While it’s not as old as Mozart himself, it was founded in 1993, years before the vast amount of coffee shops that popped up in the area through the 2000’s. If you’re looking for coffee hotspots, the Cuppa app shows you best coffee locations in the area!

Serving Coffee With a View

Created with the goal in mind of serving quality coffee amidst a beautiful setting, Mozart’s has had success in achieving this goal and more, not least because they sit right along the edge of Lake Austin.

Acting as a prime location for more than just the goods they provide, people can come sit on the back patio with their friends, family, and even their dog, as the patio is pet-friendly. 

The Patio is a Local Hangout

The patio serves as a spot for many things, such as a cast of constant concerts by local and famous musicians alike, the area where most patrons sit should the weather permit it, and the focal point for Mozart’s esteemed Christmas lights display, which has them transform the patio with lights both hanging from the pergola and as standing decor all around.

Inside, Mozart’s is decked out in a German-esque theme, built with stone brick walls, a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, family-style wooden tables with benches attached, and big, welcoming signs.

They Roast Their Beans Onsite

Also, within the complex is Mozart’s money-maker: their roastery. Able to be viewed by anyone interested, Mozart’s roasts their beans right on-site. Procuring beans from around the entire world, they put their many years of roasting expertise to work and create roasts from light to dark such as the Lake Austin Blend, Mozart’s Blend (also available in decaf), Vecchi Ameci, and El Gato Negro, as well as the espresso roast, Espresso D’oro.

These, as well as their limited single-origin coffees, can be purchased online to bring home, but the espresso also comes as an in-store delicacy, both in the D’oro flavor and the lighter WiseGuy Espresso.

German Themed Decor & Drinks

These espressos served straight join other items on their beverage menu such as the German themed “Bottomless Cold Brau” and “Mozart’s Mocha Special”, as well as more typical offerings like lattes, nitros, toddies, cappuccinos, caffe au laits, italian sodas, teas, shakes, and an assortment of bottled beverages. 

While serving quality coffee is one half of Mozart’s central goals, they have expanded their horizons and are also equipped with a dedicated bakery, where all items are served fresh.

Also Offering Delicious Eats

In three categories, they serve savory items such as French bread sandwiches, quiche, and empanadas, desserts including cheesecakes, cupcakes, and tortes, and those that fall somewhere in between, like croissants, coffee cakes, and scones.

In speaking of their expanded horizons, Mozart’s, while old-fashioned in theme, has always stayed vigilant, adapting to trends and even being the first to start them in the area.

They Pioneered Many Things in Austin

The latter fact has led to many Austin accolades such as having been the first coffee shop to serve a bottomless cup, the first to roast in-house, and even the first to provide free wifi. 

Mozart’s Coffee hasn’t lasted more than twenty-five years out of sheer luck. You can experience both the scenic environment and the quality consumables by visiting Mozart’s Coffee.


3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, in Austin, Texas.