On the Road Coffee – Denver

On the Road Coffee

If you’re in downtown Denver, you’ll want to experience this. When you see a red vintage VW Beetle with a coffee cup topper, then you’ve found On the Road Coffee.

Artist and Owner Matthew Pendleton took charge of the business in 2016 to fund his artistic lifestyle and eventually quit his day job. Now, you’ll see him near Union Station, serving a variety of coffee to people in the early weekday mornings.

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A Coffee Shop Inspired By the Owners Favorite Novelist

This coffee spot is the place to go for the experience, or if you need a quick boost of caffeine before heading into the office. When Templeton opened his mobile cafe, he says it was partly due to a trip to Thailand, where several businesses were operating in vehicles.

Along with inspiration from his favorite novelist, Jack Kerouac (who wrote On The Road in 1957), Templeton began putting his plan into motion. It’s certainly unique to see an artist catering to coffee lovers instead of the other way around, especially while doing it on such an iconic ride.

What Can You Expect from On The Road Coffee?

When you’re by Union Street, you can walk up to Pendleton, where he’ll give you the option to try different varieties of local beans. Here are some of the drinks he offers:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Teas
  • Nitro Cold-brewed
  • Pour-over Coffee

From there, Pendleton will use his Rok Espresso Maker, coffee grinder, Manuel Coffeemaker, and other assorted devices inside the VW to do the job.

You’ll find him using a customized table that holds and runs the equipment in the back. Matthew even uses specialized RV battery hookups to power the machines brewing the coffee.

This Is A Basic Coffee Shop With Minimal But Delicious Selections

Those that fancy mochas, lattes, and other creations should probably skip this business, however, as there’s no full-fledged coffee bar that can fit inside the car. While waiting for your coffee, you can enjoy the succulent plant and some works of Jack Kerouac on a table near the passenger window.

If you’re worried about service, every review of the place state’s that Pendleton’s customer service is as excellent as other more established coffee shops around the Denver downtown area. The fan-favorite for this business is the Nitro Coldbrew coffee that it offers.

This Is Definitely A Place To See If You’re Ever In Denver

On the Road Coffee is simply a fantastic destination to check out if you’re a tourist in the Denver area.

What better way to enjoy your morning inside the Mile-High City than to sip on some freshly made espresso concocted by this inspiring entrepreneur?

The Union Street area is relatively safe to walk, and a pleasure to walk through, especially when you see the red bug parked nearby.

The one thing to consider is that if there’s bad weather, you’ll likely not see On the Road Coffee out there. That’s the price of operating a business on the streets. There’s also no wi-fi that On the Road Coffee can offer, and few seats available aside from what you can find near its neighboring businesses.

With this in mind, Pendleton tries to set up shop as early as possible. His standard hours go from 8 AM to 12 PM Monday – Friday. Whether or not you’re checking out the Denver area, or if you’re working there, I recommend you give this artist a chance to serve you some good coffee.


1601 Wynkoop St. Denver, CO 80202