Oui Presse – Portland

Oui Presse

Oui Presse opened its doors at the tail end of 2010, just days before the end of the year. Founded and owned by Shawna McKeown, Oui Presse is a coffee shop, cafe, and magazine/newsstand in Portland, Oregon. PS we recently did a cool featurette on Sumatran beans: Are Sumatran beans truly unique?

From Graphic Designing to Bean Brewing

Formerly a graphic designer and associate publisher for the Portland weekly newspaper, Willamette Week, McKeown eventually decided to bust into the baking and bean brewing business, but she kept a hand in the door of the news world.

As such, Oui Presse is a dedicated source of magazines and newspapers, stocking and restocking issues every day, and also acts as a prime point to obtain non-local based publishings that you would otherwise have to order yourself. 

Handpicked Decor & Handmade Baked Goods

If you stop in for a cup and a breeze through a book, you’ll likely notice more than the words on the page. Oui Presse is a bright yet serene environment, decked out in a wealth of handpicked designer-crafted items.

Inside you’ll see their bright sign sporting the store’s name made of lightbulbs, coffee shop related decor like mugs and plates purposefully placed around the walls, and lights throughout, both as single bulb chandeliers and string-fashioned.

There are also metal stools and chairs, either up against the turquoise bar or the white tables, both inside and out in front.  While the decor is handpicked, the baked goods are handmade.

Oui Presse is equipped with its own bakery, sourcing ingredients from the local business Ken’s Artisan Bakery. Oui uses its bakery to the fullest, with offerings of cookies, cakes, breads that are used in their sandwiches, and even ice cream.

Buy a Whole Cake Or Learn How to Make It!

Not just sold in individual slices, you can order a whole cake if you choose, in such forms of pistachio, caramel, and the favorite baked item, coffee cake. Simply plug Oui Presse’s name into a search engine and you will find its coffee cake in many lists of favorite coffee cakes.

The recipe is featured on their website too, if you’d like to try your hand at making it. Of course, this is a coffee cake that not only pairs well with coffee but uses it as an ingredient. 

Oui Presse Believes in Sustainable and Environmental Friendly Farming Methods

Oui Presse sources its beans from the popular local roaster, Stumptown. Engrained in the third wave movement, Stumptown acquires their beans through suppliers that use sustainable, environmentally friendly farming methods. Stumptown roasts the beans and supplies them to many shops, such as Oui Presse.

You can buy their roasts on Stumptown’s website, or as any of the assorted beverages the Oui Presses brews. These range from standard brewed coffee, lattes, mocha, macchiatos, and americanos. Beyond these standards, there are a few special drinks that come in different drink ware, such as tulip and espresso cups, and bowls.

Offering More than Just Coffee

If you are thirsty for something more than coffee, Oui Presse also serves hot and iced teas from PG Tips, and a variety of looseleaf teas from the local Jasmine Pearl. 

Whether you are in the mood for a cup of coffee or tea, a bowl of homemade ice cream, a pastry or sandwich, or even just an update on the news, Oui Presse is there to serve.


1740 SE Hawthorn Blvd, Portland, Oregon.