Peaks Coffee – Portland OR

Peaks Coffee

Peaks Coffee is one of the latest additions to the coffee community in Portland, Oregon. Established in 2017, Peaks Coffee has only one, tiny cafe, but it is full of character. The space fits in with modern trends, while staking its own unique claim on some of the most beloved traits people seek in coffee shops.

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A New and Tiny Shop With Lots of Character

The large windows gloss across the entire front facade of the “hole in the wall” sort of shop, bringing a hefty amount of light that is brightened even further by the vastly white interior.

The walls are white, much of the decor is white, the ceiling and tiled floor are white; there is a lot of white, yet it is not overwhelming, perhaps because it is so condensed within the small cafe, or because of the furnishings and art throughout.

The Decor is Simple With a Touch of DIY Expressions

Peaks Coffee presents a firm “do it yourself” attitude. The art framed along the walls consists of hand-drawn, somewhat goofy black and white caricatures, and in the winter months, for example, there are cut out strings of paper snowflakes, much like those people learn to create in the early years of school.

A few wooden tables and chairs sit in front of the rustic metal counter, and a long, bar-like wooden table with the rough edges of its creation still showing sits along with front windows, with metal stools saddled up to it.

They Promote Coffee & Conversation

Plants can be found almost everywhere, but the key component is Peaks’ motto on a wall, that reads “For Coffee and Conversation.” This says it all. The tiny space and friendly service highly promote conversation, and the coffee is the thing that brings the people in.

Serving Foxy Coffee and House-made Flavors

Peaks serves Foxy Coffee, and fashions it into simple selections of drip coffee, cold brew, lattes, and espresso. What they offer to make the drinks their own are the optional house-made flavors such as mocha, raspberry, lavender, Nutella, vanilla, and the occasional seasonal options.

You Can Also Try a Chai or Matcha in a Specially Designed Cup

Chai and matcha are also on hand, and complimented by bagels, but all drinks are served in unique cups. Hot beverage cups are dipped in pastel colors, and all cups have Peaks’ logo stamped onto it.

Most importantly, however, is that every cup has a unique saying printed on it, such as ” You + Me = Awesome,” or “It’s My Hot Mess Day.” The character of Peaks Coffee can be experienced by within their tiny cafe and carried beyond the doors in the unique cups.


3343 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon, 97214.