Portland Coffee Shop – Portland OR

Portland Coffee shop

Portland Coffee Shop is a cafe located in Portland, Oregon. It was founded as recently as 2014 and is owned and operated by Lynne Pohrman and her family. A central aspect about Portland Coffee Shop to be aware of is that it is essentially half of another business, Portland Florist Shop. Best Ethiopian coffee brands can be found here.

It’s a Coffee Shop and Floral Shop

These two businesses are situated back-to-back and work together in multiple ways. As a florist, they present the popular option of flower delivery. Taking optimal advantage of their unique combination of flower and coffee shop item sales, Portland Coffee Shop delivers it all.

They Even Do Deliveries for Both!

During two periods on every day other than Sunday, Portland Coffee Shop takes off to deliver combo packages of treats and flowers. There are assortments of pre-established packages listed on Portland Coffee Shop’s website, but every option can be customized and added to.

The “Mocha Circle Flowers,” for example, is a coffee beverage delivered in a Thermos mug, surrounded at its base by a circular flower arrangement. Mocha may be in the name, but the beverage can be switched out for various lattes or teas, and anything else sold in store can be added for an extra charge.

You Can Dine-In or Try Their Drive Thru

Some of these items are balloons and stuffed animals for just about any special occasion, cards, food, more flowers, and cake.Customers also have the option of dining-in at Portland Coffee Shop, or swinging through the drive-thru.

Should they choose to stay, they will be surrounded by a warm, home-like atmosphere made up of tan and light green walls, wooden floors and counters, mix-matched wood and metal tables, chairs, and benches, and fittingly floral decor.

Try Their Famous “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” if You Need an Energy Boost

Beverages can be served in reusable mugs, to-go cups, or the Thermos mugs that deliveries are served in. Italian Illy Coffee is what makes up the espresso beverages such as lattes, mochas, breves, americanos, and some specialty drinks, like the “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go;” a latte or mocha loaded with six shots of espresso.

They Offer Ice Cream, Cakes and Other Baked Goods

Coffee is only one menu item, though, as the cafe also serves shakes, smoothies, ice cream from Scoop Ice Cream, cakes from JaCiva Bakery, and more baked goods, like scones, cookies, donuts, and rolls, from Sarah’s Cookies.

Lastly, there are food items fit for breakfast or lunch, such as sausage and egg sandwiches or grilled ham and cheese. Portland Coffee Shop is only open until 3:30pm on Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. Try out their variety of products by ordering delivery or by visiting them.  


530 NE 118th Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97220.