Prince Coffee – Portland OR

Prince Coffee

Prince Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe located in Portland, Oregon. As of the summer of 2019, Prince has two locations, but its first space was originally opened in 2016. The shop is the work of owner and founder Katie Prinsen, but also the product of many local Portland businesses. You can find a list of the best Ethiopian coffee beans here.

A Coffee Shop With Dutch Heritage

The shop is named after Prinsen’s own last name, but plural. The name is Dutch, which is part of Prinsen’s family heritage. Her frequent trips to Holland throughout her youth introduced her to the Dutch delicacy known as stroopwafels.

These appear like waffles, but are thinner and crispier, with a caramel-reminiscent butter sauce spread between two of the pressed circles. The stroopwafels are perhaps the most unique offering at Prince, though they are equal in priority to the beverages.

Former Barista Started Her Own Shop

The owner had previously worked at the local coffee shop, Barista, and there she learned that having multiple coffees was vital for her attention span and interest.

That, paired with the importance she places on smaller businesses supporting each other, has led to Prince’s partnership with what is currently twelve other companies.

The Beans Come From 3 Local Roasters

Prince serves coffee from three different roasters: Heart, Roseline, and Proud Mary. Their roasts are kept in constant rotation, and otherwise crafted into drip coffee, espressos, lattes, and mochas.

The simple menu is said to diminish the stress of choosing between drinks, and milk-based beverages are all the same price for that same reason.

Their Teas and Goodies are Locally Sourced

Prince’s stroopwafels are wholly their own, but they work with Bowery Bagels, Bakeworks Inc, Ground Breaking Bread, Bakeshop, New Cascadia, and Medosweet Farms to provide a wealth of other foods.

In the newly procured kitchen, Prince serves up bagels, pastries, sandwiches, and more. Other businesses, such as Tanglewood Chai and T Project Tea, provide chai, matcha, and tea respectively.

The only items not locally sourced are the tonic and boxed water. Wherever customers choose to enjoy Prince Coffee’s selections, they will be met with a space that respects where it is located.

There are 2 Locations Serving Portland

Katie Prinsen had wanted to represent her Dutch culture in the design, and has to an extent with the Scandinavian-esque wooden furnishings, but otherwise, she decided to work with what was already in place. One location prominently displays its red brick and wooden architecture, and the other is engulfed in many blues and whites.

The beverages and stroopwafels are the same, however, and potential future expansions will surely represent the unique buildings while serving up a taste of Portland’s best, all the same.


2181 NW Nicolai St, or 4523 NE Fremont St, Portland, Oregon.