Prodigy Coffee House – Denver CO

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Prodigy Coffeehouse is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado, and it is a particularly unique coffee shop. It was founded in July of 2016, so it is fairly new, but it has made an impact in the last few years, not just on its community, but on all of its employees.

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It’s a Non Profit Cafe That Hires Disadvantaged Youth

The company that established Prodigy Coffeehouse is known as Prodigy Ventures, which is a local non-profit. As such, Prodigy Coffeehouse is a non-profit, but it sets itself apart from even other non-profit coffee shops in that its employees almost entirely consist of disadvantaged youth in the NorthEast Denver area.

Young adults that have dropped out of school, had encounters with law enforcement, or a myriad of other situations are welcomed to sign up for Prodigy’s two week training program, where they will learn the skills associated with coffee shops.

They Learn About Coffee & Important Life Skills

The two week training is a social boost for its participants, but select participants are accepted into a year-long internship with the cafe. Not only do they learn about the ins-and-outs of coffee, but they learn how to handle money, work well with others, work independently, apply customer service skills, and more.

When the year has ended, most move on to opportunities that they are newly qualified for. Some, however, are able to move up to management positions within the company, and it is Prodigy’s goal that the store will eventually fully consist of prior program participants.

The Coffee is Locally Sourced and Crafted Into Amazing Creations

The nature of the business might draw in customers looking to do some good, but another goal is for the shop to be desired for the quality of its products. The coffee is provided by Allegro Coffee, and crafted into espressos, americanos, lattes, cortados, mochas, cappuccinos, nitro cold brew, and drip coffee.

Chai, hot chocolates, tea, and Italian sodas make up the rest of the year-round beverages, and there are seasonal blended drinks such as the Caramel Blender, and Chai Blender.

They Serve Quality Food & Beverages

The food comes in forms of breakfast burritos and sandwiches, as well as oatmeal and paninis. Despite its non-profit nature, Prodigy Coffeehouse desires to not only to serve the quality products of a normal coffee shop but look the part too.

Supporting This Location Does More Than You Know

They have succeeded in doing so, having redesigned a former Jiffy Lube, inside and out. The outside has been painted with nature-oriented art, and the interior painted in blues and greens, and equipped with wooden tables and chairs. Prodigy Coffeehouse has character in its shop and its employees.


3801 E 40th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80205