Public Domain – Portland OR

Public Domain

Public Domain Coffee in the heart of Portland, Oregon was founded on the idea that a great cup of coffee shouldn’t be for the elite. It should be something that everyone has access to who wants it.

And while everyone else was still thinking that the best part of waking up came in a red can, they were busy roasting beans from all over the world to create the perfect blends.

If you’re in Denver, check out the Sojourners Coffee and Tea cafe.

They Roast Their Own Coffee Daily In Small Batches

They roast small batches of coffee to ensure the quality of the roast is precise and delicious. Additionally, they source beans from single locations so they know where their coffee came from.

It’s Centrally Located, There is Plenty of Room and Free WiFi

The interior of their Portland store is spacious and bright. Wood floors create an inviting and homey feel. But the lightly colored wallpaper, chalkboard wall, and black and wood bar help it to feel like an updated, modern space.

They have banquette seating and table seating to ensure there is almost always room for one more. People love to meet up with friends, read a book, or use the WiFi for their computers and other devices. It’s a great environment in the middle of downtown Portland.

Check Out Their Website To Learn About The Different Ways Of Brewing Coffee

There are many different ways to brew a cup of coffee. If you want to extract the best flavor, they offer a guide on their website to help you out.

Whether you want to learn about cold brew, AeroPress, pour-over, or French press methods, their information can help. They love to teach about what makes a delightful coffee.

They Serve Cold Brews, Lattes, Espressos and Many More Options

In the store, you can order any number of coffee types. From cold brew to espresso, they have it all.

People rave about how good their coffee tastes whether they get lattes or drip coffee. A lot of care goes into each cup. Their vanilla latte is mild and not too sweet, but smooth and full of flavor.

Their Beans Are Sourced From Different Parts of the World

With coffee beans imported from Ethiopia, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, and then roasted with care, you can choose what kind of coffee suits you best.

They even sell whole beans and grounds for you to take home. This means that even when you can’t make it in for their coffee, you can enjoy it anytime.

The Baked Goods Selections Changes Regularly

While their coffee is well-loved, their selection of baked goods is also notable. They have cinnamon rolls, cookies, scones, muffins, and more. The selection changes regularly, so if you’ve tried everything, keep coming back to find something new.

The pear muffin was a customer favorite. If you’re looking for a vegan selection, this isn’t the place to go. Most of their baked goods contain at least one animal product like milk or eggs.

They Also Serve As A Fundraiser to

But the thing that makes Public Domain Coffee stand out in the crowd isn’t their coffee or baked goods. It’s their commitment to helping people get access to clean water around the world.

For every bag of coffee they sell, they donate a portion back to They give people clean water and safe sanitation solutions to ensure the people they serve around the world don’t need to drink contaminated water.


603 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205