QuinceEssential Coffee House – Denver CO

Quinceessential coffee house

Quince Essential Coffee House is a coffee shop and cafe located in Denver, Colorado. Besides being a play on the word “quintessential,” the cafe’s name is a nod to the street it is located on: Quince Street. Quince Essential was founded in 2015 by Michelle Jeannerett, who runs the shop with the help of her daughters.

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A Family Run Shop Focused On Their Community

Together, they strive to offer the utmost welcoming and hospitable customer service. Community is a central focus of Quince Essential, as the cafe was established in an effort to continue Michelle’s connection with the community after having retired from teaching.

As such, the space is dressed in a cozy fashion. Contrary to the whitewashed walls of other modern coffee shops, Quince Essential is covered in tan, green, orange, and yellow. Many of the tables and couches would fit in with the average person’s living room, and the rest in a cafe with a relaxed environment.

It Has a Relaxed and Cozy Feel With a Touch of Local Art and Coffee Trinkets

The decor ranges from pieces of local artists’ work to trinkets such as coffee pots, dolls, and an assortment of plants. Bookshelves and toys give the shop a family characteristic, and even the mugs drinks are served in when ordered “for here” are uniquely decorated, all painted yellow, and some with friendly emoji faces.

The Coffee is Locally Sourced and Made Into Delicious Standard Drinks

Quince Essential presents a place for customers to chat and relax, but the community inclusion extends to other businesses as well. The coffee comes from Jubilee Roasters and Kaladi Coffee Roasters and is brewed into a standard array of drip coffee, cold brew, americanos, cafe au laits, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, venetian cream, and espresso.

They Offer Dairy Alternative Milks and 14 Different Syrups

Alternative milks include almond, rice, soy, and coconut, but the fourteen different syrups flavors, like peppermint, white mocha, tangerine basil, or honey lavender can help customize the beverages further. More beverages include tea from Tea Forte, chai from House Masala, Qtea Juice, and bottled kombucha, water, and lemonade.

There is a Variety of Delicious Foods to Choose From

A handful of other local businesses provide food, such as Maria Empanadas, Mame’s Burritos, baked goods from La Belle, La Fillete, and Outrageous Baking, and vegan rolls, biscuits, scones, and more from Make Believe Vegan Bakery. The variety is robust and ensures that no customer should go unsatisfied.

This Is More Than Your Traditional Coffee Shop

All of the various drink flavors and the high assortment of food and dessert options, combined with the home-oriented, cozy, and welcoming space provide a unique option for Denver coffee shop patrons. No matter if you want coffee, tea, food, or a place to chat and lounge, Quince Essential Coffee House will provide it.


1447 Quince St, Denver, Colorado, 80220