Rocking Frog Cafe – Portland

Rocking Frog Cafe

Rocking Frog Cafe is a coffee shop and eatery located in Portland, Oregon. It was originally founded in 2007, but upon a change in management, it was reestablished in 2017. All the while, the heart of the home has remained the same; and that’s just what Rocking Frog Cafe is: a home. 

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Fashioned out of an old, residential house, Rocking Frog has taken a living room and transformed it into a coffee lounge and cafe. Green and unsuspecting on the outside, although with the mandatory business signs out front, its what’s inside that epitomizes Rocking Frog.  Unlike other coffee shops, it is not sleek with marble walls, glossy surfaces and tile.

It Has Old School Flair!

Rocking Frog is instead furnished with old-school chairs, sofa, and coffee tables that are of the sort a family would place in the middle of a living room. The name of the cafe lends itself to the eccentric logo, which is a frog sitting in an old rocking-chair. The name and logo helpfully make the shop’s aesthetic known.

The Rocking Frog Cafe Feels Like Home

It’s a cozy atmosphere, and taking that a step further, the inside is littered with items that would logically be found in an actual old-school home: books.  Many people flock to coffee shops for the atmosphere that is fitting to do work on a laptop or simply read a book with fresh coffee in hand, but at Rocking Frog Cafe, you don’t even have to have one with you.

Bookshelves are placed throughout, with a large selection that customers can gander through in the same form of a library, except that they are meant to stay within the walls of the business. Board and card games are also on hand, for those that attend in groups and want to have fun.

Providing Old Fashioned Tunes & New Age Events

Another fun facet that reflects the name and aesthetic is that Rocking Frog keeps old-fashioned rock music playing overhead; and this is no ignorant statement. The music sometimes dates all the way back to the 1950’s.

Covering all bases of art, Rocking Frog not only keeps such qualities within, but invites the real thing to join as well, playing host to a plethora of events, ranging from poetry readings, art classes and exhibits, and of course, concerts.

All of this makes up the house itself, but the most essential factor is the coffee and food. Currently, Rocking Frog keeps on hand the coffee of Sterling Coffee Roasters, the teas of Jasmine Pearl Tea, baked goods from Blackheart Bagels and Gabriel’s Bakery, and gourmet food and beverages of its own.

Serving Standard Cafe Drinks & Fresh to-order Donuts

Featuring standard cafe offerings of mochas, lattes, and espresso among others, and both egg and non-egg sandwiches and salads, Rocking Frog caters to many tastes, but the particular delicacy that draws a crowd is their fresh-to-order donuts.

These are made in-house, but are only baked upon order, guaranteeing a hot and fresh quality rarely even found in a stand-alone donut shop.  Whether you fancy an old-school cafe approach or a warm and cozy household atmosphere, rock classics or artistic performances, hot coffee or hot donuts, Rocking Frog Cafe presents an enticing selection of qualities.


2511 SE Belmont St, Portland, Oregon.