Rose City Coffee Co – Portland OR

Rose City Coffee Co

Rose City Coffee Co used to be owned by Nancy Duncan who previously owned Schondecken Coffee Roasters. Rose City Coffee Co changed hands when Nancy Duncan retired.

In July 2016 the Rose City Coffee shop changed owners. The new owner was Christie Gryphon a native Portlander, who has big plans to improve the coffee shop.

Reminds me of High Five Coffee in Asheville NC.

Female Owned Coffee Shop That Promotes Reading Books

Christie immediately made changes to the business, adding a new logo and making the shop seem much artsier. An example was the link with Wallace Books to start a “Take a Book, leave a book” reading corner of customers. They also feature the work of a local artist every month. Raising money for local charities is also part of their ethos.

Woman-Owned Business That Supports and Purchases Beans From Cafe Feminino Foundation

Talking of ethos, Rose City Coffee Co is proud of being woman-owned and all of their coffees come from women-owned farms in Mexico, Peru, & Papua New Guinea.

They purchase their beans through the Cafe Feminino Foundation, who “Enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee-producing communities”.

The foundation works through established farming cooperatives to foster positive change, gender equality and the reduction of poverty and abuse.

Try Their MOB Blend! “Mommy Owned Businesses”

More locally they continue this support for women-owned businesses and members of Moreland MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) meet occasionally at the cafe. They also sell a coffee blend called MOB (Mommy Owned Businesses) – Strong Coffee made for strong MOBS.

Their Blue Line Blend Support the Portland Police

One of the blends they sell is “Blue Line Blend” which is the darkest roast they offer. Oily yet opulent, bold yet smooth. Proceeds of the bags of this coffee sold go to support the Cover Foundation run by Portland Police Association.

The Food and Drink Menu Changes With the Seasons

The cafe has a range of coffees on sale, They also stock summer drinks and gelato according to the season. The food seems to be very popular with items like breakfast sandwiches, egg, and cheese on an English muffin, and a whole lot more.

There is Plenty of Seating in this Cafe to Hang With Friends, Throw a Party or Get Some Work Done

The cafe is huge and really spacious. Probably around 30′ by 40′ and a variety of seating that ranges from church pews to couches. Whatever type of seating you need they have it. Many groups meet there and there is always seating for them.

There are plenty of tables to work on, although maybe one suggestion would be to have a few more outlets. That aside the environment is just so welcoming and often you will find groups like knitting meetups

They have metal cutlery at the food pick-up area and they also offer complimentary mugs for in-store use, and rather unusually they have complimentary to-go cups made out of ceramic or glass.

Their Coffee and Staff Are Top Notch

The staff always receive great reviews for friendliness and skill. They are reported to frequently go out of their way to be extra helpful to customers. The quality of the coffee they brew is also excellent. For example, very often you will find large coffees that have 40% of aerated froth. this does not happen at Rose City Coffee Co.

This cafe is an excellent example of a privately-run coffee shop that operates as a part of the community. A shop that has a great reputation for its food and drink, but also for its community connections.


7325 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202