Sessions Coffee – Denver CO

Sessions Coffee_Denver

If you are a Denver local, then you know that is can sometimes be a struggle finding a good place to relax in the city. Between friends and family, work, and life in general, you may constantly feel exhausted. We all want to relax, sit back and enjoy our lives. If only there was a spot where you can be laid back and just smell the coffee…. or play fun coffee games with friends 😉

Started By 2 Brothers and 1 Dream

Well, you are in luck because there is a wonderful little cafe located in Denver called the Sessions Cafe. The popular Sessions Cafe was started by brothers Matt and Brad Gruber. With backgrounds in coffee and carpentry, the two brothers used teamwork to create this one of a kind and useful cafe with its purpose of bringing people of different backgrounds together to create something bigger than themselves.

A Family Oriented Cafe Serving Denver For 3 Years

This cafe is very family-oriented. This recently established cafe is located in the heart of Denver and began bringing communities together in 2016. With the coffee house serving many neighborhoods such as Ruby Hill, Harvard Park, Platte Park, among many others, this coffee house has done right by its goal of bringing people together!

They Offer Locally Sourced Food

They provide locally sourced food items. You will only be getting the freshest of the freshest food! Fresh products are always a bonus! With many specialty drinks, breathtaking coffee art, and with all menu items reasonably priced, it is obvious as to why this cafe is loved by Denver locals and even people from outside of Denver!

It’s a Great Atmosphere to Study or Work All Day In

This coffee house’s magic is strong! The Sessions Cafe is opened 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. It is the perfect hang out spot! You can even bring your laptop, pens, and pads and finish up on any extra work while getting a good taste of the community. It is a coffee house using trendy industrial styles with a sleek interior to help create a studious and chill atmosphere.

Sessions Cafe is the perfect place to relax, have a study group or hang out with friends and catch up. The atmosphere is inviting and enjoyable. If you are feeling down, well, head down to this cafe and relax all day long! Your worries will melt away while you enjoy some freshly brewed coffee.

Please be sure to support family-owned businesses by visiting the Sessions cafe. These days, it is always great to see a family successfully work together and create something awesome! This place is definitely on the list of what to do when you are in Denver! But, in the meantime, let us just kick back, relax, and drink some good coffee!


1340 South Santa Fe Drive in Denver, CO.