Snowbean – Orlando

Snowbean Coffee

SnowBean is a Korean-style coffee shop in Orlando, Florida. It was established in 2016 and is owned by the Izziban family. Its location is no coincidence, as it sits next to Izziban Sushi and Barbecue, which is the family’s main business. Axum Coffee is another great coffee shop in Orlando.

Freezing Cold Cafe in a Hot State

Whereas the Izziban restaurant serves hot food fit for lunches and dinner, SnowBean is its polar opposite, and in more than one way. Instead of hot food, the only thing hot sold at SnowBean are their beverages, and by and large the entire place is known to be freezing cold.

Their Main Specialty is a Dessert

This is because their main specialty is the Korean dessert called Pat-bing-soo, otherwise known as shaved ice cream, combined with toppings.  Typically, shaved ice cream comes in fruity flavors and with fruit toppings, but at SnowBean, the palette is expanded to include flavors of Oreo, brownie, cheesecake, and more.

They Offer Many Types of Teas

The namesake Pat-bing-soo, Snowbean, is made of mochi, cereal, red bean, and bean powder. Another flavor is Green Tea, and it is no surprise that the cafe serves tea itself as organic looseleaf teas, flavored iced-teas, and matcha lattes. Besides the handful of bottled juices they sell, the rest of SnowBean’s beverage menu consists of coffee.

Their Coffee Menu is Standard With a Few Specialties

SnowBean sources its beans through the local roaster, simply and aptly named Roasters, and fashions them into normal-type beverages, frappuccinos, and special coffee.

Coffee shop standards such as espressos, americanos, lattes, mochas, and the couple standouts, white chocolate mochas and caramel macchiatos, make up the coffee menu. Frappuccinos come in vanilla, white chocolate, coconut mocha, Oreo, and vanilla chai latte selections.  The special coffees come in a few gourmet options.

Try Their Nitro or Affogato!

The nitro coffee injects Co2 into the coffee to create a foamy, thick drink. Combining coffee and ice cream is the affogato, and that which combines espresso and whipped-cream is the viennese coffee.

What is a Coffee Bean Snow?

Lastly, there is the Coffee Bean Snow, which is coffee topped with freezing cold foam. Because of all of these cold items and the freezing interior in return, SnowBean offers blankets to its customers to cozy up and enjoy their beverage, ice cream, or pastries with.

Sit on the Love Deck and Have a Dessert

A select amount of flan, donuts, cakes, and more, are available at SnowBean, and though rather small inside, groups can gather at the white-benched booths, or outside on the Love Deck to enjoy these. Either way, the scenery will be beautiful, as SnowBean overlooks the large Lake Barton. 

Take in the peaceful scenery with a dessert and beverage, perhaps after a meal of Korean barbecue, by visiting SnowBean


5310 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32807