Sonder Coffee – Denver

Sonder Coffee & Tea

Sonder Coffee & Tea is a coffee bar specializing in brews, teas and pastries with an intricate modern interior design. Located in Dever, Colorado, this café is managed by three individuals. They chose the name ‘Sonder Coffee & Tea’ because the definition of the word ‘Sonder’ is realizing that each unique individual is living a life that’s just as vivid and complex as your own.

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Owned and Operated By a Barista

This is what the owners stand by in managing this coffee bar in their day to day lives- the realization that each person they serve beverages and pastries to is living a life that is both similar and distinct than our own. One of the owners named Julia also shared her insights on how Sonder Coffee & Tea came to be.

She was just living her usual everyday life, working as a barista, when the idea suddenly hit her to start her own cafe as she passed by the perfect location that very same day. After that significant moment, she then started to turn her vision and ideas into reality. Everything happened so fast and suddenly, Sonder Coffee & Tea was born.

This Cafe Has the Perfect Ambiance For Coffee Dates

What makes Sonder Coffee & Tea asides from their unique beverages, is the overall ambiance of the coffee bar. The interior design of the place is truly remarkable and refreshing. With a modernized theme, the colors are the perfect combination of brown, white, and gray which sets up the desired mood of the cafe. This makes it the perfect location to have coffee dates, read a book or unwind by yourself with a perfectly good cup of coffee.

Their interior also has a very minimalistic approach to how they set up the place, which is why it looks like a very spacious location. Walls are also filled with decorations of inspirational quotes and plant decors fill the walls behind the coffee bar, where the magic is made. This is the reason behind the refreshing vibe that the overall place gives you.

Their Menu Ranges From Drinks to Food To Clothes

 Their menu includes the occasional seasonal beverages, which is a good twist to add to their regular brews and teas. They also have pastries and desserts that make the perfect combination with the bitter-sweet taste that coffee gives you. Asides from food and beverages, their mechandize now also includes clothing line, caps and the like. They also sell mugs, tumblers and other merchandise that identifies with the brand of Sonder Coffee & Tea.

There Are Rave Reviews For The Customer Service and Products

Reviews of this coffee bar have also been inclined towards positive and appreciative from previous customers. Based on reviews, past customers appreciated aspects such as a friendly service, the art of unique beverages, and the overall decors of the place. One review also stated that they found the bathroom decors adorable and comfortable.

Overall, this coffee bar seems to give customers what they need. They go beyond the expectations of the customers in the overall cafe experience and leave them wanting for more. Despite this being just a recent establishment, Sonder Coffee & Tea brings out the passion in their services with the perfect fashionable hint of modern.