The Bardo Coffee – Denver CO

The Bardo Coffee

The Bardo Coffee House is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2010 by Chris Graves, with a second location having been opened in 2016. He decided to open his own coffee shop to satisfy his own needs that had been left unsatisfied in other coffee shops. Find the top Costa Rica coffee brand reviews here.

There are 2 Locations Serving Denver

He was largely seeking a place that he could comfortably hang out to get some work done. The Bardo Coffee House strives to provide quality in every aspect of their business, but the locations themselves are something of a standout, and in a couple of ways.

The Broadway Location Holds Art Shows on Occasion

Each space is slightly different in terms of aesthetics, with the Broadway location being darker and fancier with its dark green walls and moodier lighting. This spot goes so far as to host art galleries for monthly featured local artists, displaying and helping sell their works.

Both Locations Offer Wifi and Are Eco-Friendly

The 38th Avenue location is brighter and more attuned to modern coffee shop appearances, full of woods, whites, and natural light. The ways that these cafes both stand out, however, is that they each have WIFI, ample tables, couches, and booths, as well as accessible laser printers.

Furthermore, everything that requires electricity is powered through Xcel Energy’s wind turbines. Customers can eat, drink, and work in an eco-friendly fashion.

Their Beans are Sourced from Kalidi Coffee

The coffee made with this power is sourced from the local Kaladi Coffee Roasters. The Bardo crafts the beans into a wealth of beverages. These include standards such as americanos, lattes, mochas, espressos, blondies, breves, cold brew, and more, but most unique are the specialty drinks.

Try Their Seasonal Selections or the Year Round Unusual Normal Menu

There are seasonal selections such as the summery “Peaches and Cream Latte,” but also the section dubbed the “Unusual Normals.” These are offered year-round, with creative options like “The Grinch,” for example, which consists of matcha, pistachio, and oat milk, or the combination of apple cider, heavy cream, and Bhakti chai that forms the “Lumberjack.”

They Offer House-Made Sandwiches and Salads

Only the 38th Avenue location serves beer and wine, but both serve tea, as well as The Bardo’s large variety of food. The sandwiches and salads are house-made, like the self-explanatory “Turkey and Cheddar on Pretzel” sandwich, or “Kale and Brussel Sprouts” salad.

The Bardo works with a number of local businesses to provide baked goods as well, such as bagels from Rosenburg’s Bagels & Delicatessen, oatmeal from Share Good Foods, pastries and quiche from Handcraft Bakery, and cookies, breads and more from City Bakery. Whatever you choose to purchase at The Bardo Coffee House, it will be made in quality and eco-friendly form.


6150 W 38th Ave, or 238 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado