The Albina Press – Portland

The Albina Press

Named after the street that its first location can be found, The Albina Press is a coffee shop and cafe located in Portland, Oregon. In 2004, Kevin Fuller founded the cafe with the utmost focus and dedication to high quality, well-crafted coffee.

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Starbucks is Just a Stepping Stone

Fuller puts forth the idea that coffee chain corporations such as Starbucks are essentially just stepping stones that people venture through before their first taste and realization of what a true, quality coffee experience could and should be like. 

Every single aspect in the crafting of a beverage is vital in Albina’s eyes, from the smoothness and amount of crema, to the temperature, and the ingredient ratios. If something is not done to perfection, the item will be remade until it has been.

The Albina Drink Menu Does Not Dissapoint

The menu at The Albina Press is not of exaggerated length, as they modestly only make the standard array of beverages, such as espressos and americanos, mochas and macchiatos, and lattes.

However, the level of craft these normal beverages exhibit, and the attention to detail in small compliments such as the delicate latte art, puts these usuals in a league that is uniquely their own. 

Serving Coava Coffee Beans with Pride

Known for serving Coava coffee beans, The Albina Press holds pride in the fact that they have involved themselves deeply in the sourcing process too. Having gone directly to the source and examined its performance and quality, the personal involvement and art of Albina’s coffees starts at the very beginning.

In exclusively sourcing beans from Honduras, The Albina Press is able to benefit the farmers and harvest quality to a higher degree than if it were spreading its resources and attention more widely. The benefits of these conscious commitments and considerations don’t end with the coffee Albina serves.

Training Baristas to be Award Winners

In providing such an artistic and considerable product, the staff must be of expert caliber. Kevin Fuller involves himself directly in the training of new baristas, ensuring they have both the skill and passion required.

In return, both Fuller himself and many employees have attended and won awards at national barista competitions.  Furthermore, Albina’s training and influence has led to a consistent amount of prior employees trying their own hands at opening separate coffee businesses. 

Community and Quality Grew this Company

The Albina Press is solely fueled by its community and quality. It has no website or social media affiliation of any sort, and still it has succeeded to the point of being able to open three separate cafes. It doesn’t hurt that Albina extends its branches to fellow local businesses to acquire the remainder of Albina’s palate.

Serving Local Teas & Baked Goods

A mandatory inclusion at modern coffee shops is tea, and Albina gets theirs from Portland’s Tao of Tea. For baked items, they receive pastries and bagels from Crema and Bowery Bagels, respectively. The interior of The Albina Press is comfortable and adequate, not significantly styled, but filled with comfortable chairs, couches, and tables.

The interior also displays further connection to the community in that it features the works of local artists on its walls, aiding in their potential sale. With that, if you would like to lay your eyes on art, whether as a wall painting or on the foam of a latte, you can visit The Albina Press.


4637 Albina Ave, Portland, Oregon.