The Lost City Cafe – Denver

The Lost City Cafe

Lost City Denver is a testament to Colorado’s welcoming and generous nature. Local entrepreneur, Michael Graham, and head chef, Josh Ford, have partnered up to open two locations of the new public-minded coffee shop.

The shops’ focus will be on uplifting and honoring Denver’s own immigrant and refugee communities. They will use their platform to support these underserved populations and unite the city through two shared passions: food and drink.

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A Cafe Dedicated To Uplifting Immigrant and Refugee Communities

“Lost City is an opportunity for all of us to share our culture and history through food. Regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs, we all come together over a meal,” says Ford.

For The Love Of Their Community

Graham and Ford are taking the concept beyond your average coffee shop. Residing next to the local heritage food incubator, Comal, in the TAXI Campus, they will support the two companies’ common mission: helping local immigrant and refugee women find work.

Mentorship Program To Help With Work Skills

Through special training, women gain the skills they need to start their own careers in food. Lost City decided to take on the task of enlisting Denver-area professionals to serve as mentors to Comal’s in-house protégés.

A Spanish and French Learning Class Starting Soon

In addition to their mentor program, Lost City will offer Spanish and French language classes in an exciting social format.

In the spring of 2020, adults are invited to brush up (or pick up) the basic skills that they need to communicate and connect with others through another language.

The instructors will teach beginner grammar and pronunciation while providing insight into different cultural norms and customs. Each class will run for 10 weeks starting in March.

The Food Offered At the Cafe

Lost City will feature a full coffee menu and food inspired by international flavors and provided by local vendors (when available).

From Cubano sandwiches and burritos to matcha lattes and biscuits and jam, they will serve a little something for everyone.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options are Plentiful

On the menu, vegetarian items appear plentiful, and gluten-free items and substitutes are labeled clearly. Vegans will have a little less to choose from, but with some modifications, they should be able to enjoy themselves too.

Catering will also be available for events of all sizes. Whether you want to order from their catering menu or get one customized, the in-house chefs are ready to meet your expectations.

Their Event Hosting Options

Both locations are beautiful and will be available to host a variety of events from weddings to corporate trainings to concerts, and beyond.

River North will be able to hold a total of 119 guests with unlimited free parking. The Capitol Hill location will offer a cozier vibe with a private cafe that can hold up to 42 people.


3459 Ringsby Ct, Denver, CO 80216