The Molecule Effect – Denver CO

The Molecule Effect

One might read the name “The Molecule Effect,” and think that the store the name is brandished on to be a science lab, but in fact, it is a coffee shop. Located in Denver, Colorado, The Molecule Effect was founded in late 2014 by Mark Landman and Megyn Rodgers, and despite it not being a dedicated science lab, The Molecule Effect was still created with chemistry in mind.

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The Cafe That Centers Around Chemistry

Chemistry is a part of everything at the cafe. Certainly, the most literal realization of chemistry can be found in the tumbler-shaped, beaker glasses that beverages are served in if ordered “for-here,” but also in a more abstract sense in the aspects that give The Molecule Effect its character.

There Will Soon Be Two Locations in Denver

It currently supports only one cafe, though another will be opening soon within the Wash Park area. The current one, however, is within Denver’s arts district, and it is accordingly artistically designed, as well as full of art.

The Decor is Eclectic and Features Work From Local Artists

The Molecule Effect features local artists’ works for designated periods, helping it sell and adding to the shop’s already colorful environment. There are normal tables and chairs, but also cushioned chairs and couches, fashioned with eclectic patterns and colors. The walls are brick, and the counter displays wildness paintings on its frontside.

Chemistry is established through the ways these components act together, and in the way staff and customers commune within the shop.  Further chemistry is formed in a more literal sense of substances being combined.

The Coffee Served is Kaladi Brothers

The Molecule Effect serves Kaladi Brothers Coffee in standard options of drip coffee, espressos, americanos, mochas, lattes, and similar beverages, but the standout “normal” beverage is the Venetian Cream Coffee, which is a blend of coffee and cream that comes out of the tap in thick, creamy form.

Try One of Their Alcohol and Coffee Combinations Like the Espresso Martini

Where the mixing comes in, however, is in the beverages that combine the coffee with the other types. Beer, wine, and cocktails are fitting for the cafe’s art gallery style, but while they are served in more traditional forms, they are most uniquely combined with the coffee, such as in the Espresso Martini, or in those coffees that customers can opt to spike with brandy.

They Offer Sandwiches, Burritos and Fresh Baked Pastries

Finally, there is the cafe offering that is known to have good chemistry with drinks: food. The Molecule Effect serves up sandwiches and burritos that are concoctions of meat, vegetables, and more, along with fresh-baked pastries available in most standard coffee shop options.

To try out meaningfully mixed beverages and food, or to add to the environment’s chemistry yourself, visit The Molecule Effect.


1201 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, Colorado, 80204