The Proper Cup – The Portland Maine

The proper cup Portland Maine

The Proper Cup is a coffeehouse located in Portland, Maine, that opened its doors for the first time as recently as February 10th of 2018. It is a fresh and new face in Portland’s coffee scene and to the coffee industry as a whole, but through partnerships with experienced businesses, The Proper Cup indeed supplies a proper cup of coffee, and gourmet pastries to boot.

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Fresh New Cafe With An Industrial Theme

Despite being a newer business, the theme that adorns the whole of the cafe is its most characteristic aspect, and it is of an older nature; and this theme is industrial. Everything in the shop has some relevance to the rough-hewn look of cool, hand-made status.

Apparent immediately from walking through the doors, there sits the centerpiece, appropriately placed smack-dab in the center of the cafe and atop a table that is made of a simple concrete block and unfinished wooden legs. That piece is the red, black, brown, and silver metal motorcycle. The colors found on it and the table it rests on are found in most aspects of the store.

People Love To Spend Time In the Warm and Rustic Environment

The second most apparent attribute of the industrial theme is the counter from which coffee is ordered and served, which has a base of rough, worn, scraped cement and a dark, rustic wooden top. Another rustic feature is the gray ceiling, which combines with the brown-gray wooden floor and dark blue walls to create a moody, yet calm atmosphere.

Besides the pipe chandelier over the motorcycle and the white, hanging lamps above the counter, the brightest aspects of The Proper Cup are the white pillars supporting the ceiling, the shiny copper coffee pot decor, and of course, the bright flavors found in the food and beverages.

They Serve Locally Sourced Baked Goods

The Proper Cup’s owners, Rachel Kreie and Zachary Figoli, have procured baked goods from local businesses like Hi-Fi Donuts, in the forms of donuts, cakes, scones, and other pastries. While not local, but not so far away, The Proper Cup also serves coffee provided by Flight Coffee Co. which is based in New Hampshire.

The roasts Flight Coffee provides have been sourced using what they fondly refer to as the “farm gate method,” meaning that it comes directly from the farmer. All Flight roasts are sent out fresh, and it is with these that The Proper Cup creates its stout menu of standards.

Their Drink Menu Is Traditional With A Few Specialties

There are teas such as matcha and chai, but the coffee comes in forms of drip coffee, lattes, mochas, macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos, americanos, espresso, and both iced coffee and cold brew of standard and nitro styles.

All of these drinks can be customized with alternative milks, syrups, extra espresso shots, and even CBD oil, to craft unique beverages according to the customer’s own creativity; like a honey lavender matcha latte, for example.

While the Proper Cup is easily identifiable from the industrial drenched inside, on the outside you will be able to identify the cafe by its round logo, which features its name surrounding the sort of metal coffee pot that is used as decor within. Stop in for a unique atmosphere, tasty pastries, and quality beverages of standard and customizable varieties by visiting

The Proper Cup at 500 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine, 04101