The Waterbird – Asheville

The Waterbird

The Waterbird Coffee and Cocktails is a coffee shop, cocktail bar, and restaurant located in Asheville, North Carolina. It took over the former space of a movie rental store, and with its well rounded menu, strives to provide a space where customers can comfortably stay to chat or get work done for hours at a time. If visiting Denver, give Pinwheel Coffee a try.

From a Movie Store to a Successful Cafe

All evidence that the building had held a movie store has been erased, with almost every aspect having been refashioned to fit a drink and dining style environment.  The bar that was inserted is both sleek and large, needing to fulfill functions of both coffee-serving and cocktail creation. It spans the entire left-side wall, featuring a light-wooden countertop and a dark yet bright blue underside.

This color is painted amongst most of the store but is largely covered in decor. Both behind the bar and on the back wall of the restaurant are light-blue/turquoise items such as glossy tiles and a long stretch of canvas that boasts the appearance of the surface of water if simply glanced at but is really a display of vegetation upon focused inspection.

They Have a Variety of Places to Sit

The tiles add more glossy sheen to the place than the glasses held in people’s hands throughout already provide. Also found throughout are what those people sit in, ranging from wooden tables with blue chairs or metal stools to the lengthy booth-bench that stretches half the length of the right-side wall, and the cushioned couches and chairs in the back.  The broad spectrum of blue colors lends itself to a comfortable but relaxed mood, and so too do the offerings

Serving Coffee, Tea & Cocktails

The Waterbird serves coffee from all over. Firstly, the coffee from an Athens Georgia roaster, 1000 Faces, comes in typical forms of espresso, americanos, cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, and both hot and iced coffee.

The Waterbird also serves tea, and, logically, both coffee and tea make up the Specialty Coffee and Tea menu, where normal creations combine with The Waterbird’s cocktail expertise to make unique beverages, such as the Aztec Mocha, which is a mocha with house-made ganache, cinnamon, cayenne, and sea salt.

They Make Their Own Syrups & Mixers

The Waterbird makes all of their syrups, sodas, tonics, chai, and mixers, and with them, concoct their cocktail menu; the top item being the Pisco Flower, which mixes Pisco, dry and sweet vermouth, and apricot liqueur. 

The drinks at The Waterbird are fit for both morning and night, but the breakfast menu currently ends at 11:00 a.m, making way for the Lunch and Beyond menu.

Offering Gluten Free Options

For breakfast they offer bagels from The Rhu, and gluten-free pastries from Eat More Bakery, combined with locally-sourced ingredients, from cheese and meats to fruit and avocados.

The breads from these businesses are used in the sandwiches offered for lunch and dinner, but that menu takes further into restaurant territory, offering gourmet burgers and salads. 

The Waterbird Coffee and Cocktails has only been open since May of 2018, but even in just a year, they have a lot to offer. Their hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. are subject to change, as are all aspects of the restaurant, as it is a work in progress.  


197 Charlotte St, Asheville, North Carolina.