Trident Coffee Brand Guide – Origins and More

nitro cold brew coffee

Eric and Matt Johnson are the owners of Trident Coffee. They both had different careers before exploring the food and beverage industry.

These brothers came together to provide a wide array of products that work together to please coffee enthusiasts. The product variance ensures that despite the difference in people’s lifestyle, they can always come together for the right reasons.

Trident Coffee is more of a brand with a great reputation, that is popular with coffee lovers. You can choose from the coffee beans, emulsified oil, nitro cold brew beverages, as well as accessories such as hats.

Types of Drinks By Trident Coffee:

#1. Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is a drink from the company that allows their consumers to enjoy a high scale coffee, even while they are on the go. This drink is comprised of the best quality grade coffee, with the inclusion of nitrogen.

The preparation process takes about eighteen hours before adding the nitrogen. Nitro cold brew coffee features a smooth and creamy texture.

The company has many locations in California, and there is one in Texas. Their Imperial Beach location has 15 nitro brews to choose from! They also have a website where you can buy their products.

#2. Trident Coffee Specialty Roasted Beans

If you are a coffee enthusiast who believes in enjoying a traditional cup of coffee, then the company’s 100% arabica coffee beans will gain your favor.

The company only purchases coffee from reliable coffee producers who have built a positive relation, not just in coffee production, but also in public relations.

Trident will always make known the location from where the coffee is grown, as well as who produces the coffee. The objective is to promote transparency, and ensure that their consumers are obtaining the best of what they need.

Trident Coffee Accessories

Trident is not restricted to producing coffee-related products only. They also produce accessories, like hats, which display the logo of the company. This is to promote the brand and make people aware of the existence of nitro cold brew coffee.

#1. Emulsified MCT Oil

Trident also produces emulsified MCT oil, which plays a role in boosting consumers’ energy, as well as boosting their metabolism.

The MCT oil is designed to use with ease, where all you have to do is add it to your beverage and stir it to create a delicious drink, and then consume. It provides sufficient energy for the body to use as fuel, especially for those who are on a special diet.

The Trident Coffee company seeks to meet the varying objectives of their consumer target. While they focus on producing the best quality arabica coffee beans, they have expanded to enhance their brand.

They also include a takeaway coffee beverage in a can, for easy maneuverability. You can help to promote their brand by purchasing hats with the company logo.

With a wide variety of products to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. Enjoy the taste and aroma of great and outstanding coffee, from a company that promotes transparency. In this, Trident is much more than a product; it is designed to fulfill a lifestyle.