TwentySix Cafe – Portland

Twentysix Cafe

When talking to people about twentySix Cafe in Portland, one common theme comes up in the conversation. Everyone mentions the amazing porch at the back of the building.

If you think about Portland weather you straight away think of rain, so what better feature for a cafe to have then “The Greatest Porch in Portland.”

The Greatest Porch in Portland

Along the back wall of the porch is a long green soft sofa/bench that has three tables and makes a great place to work while getting some fresh air. Even if it’s cold, there are patio heaters that mean the porch can be used all year. Brilliant. Also check out Where Can You Buy Ethiopian Coffee K-Cups?

This Cafe Has a Classical European Feel

It’s a great place within which to work with a real rustic feel. The seating capacity of the TwentySix Cafe is 37.

The interior of the cafe is a result of the shape. It is a long narrow cafe, and that demands a specific type of layout. The furnishings exude a classic European look with a very tasteful design.

A Great Cafe To Complete Some Work On Your Laptop

The clientele is a combination of those clutching laptops and seeking refuge to get their work done and those with more leisurely pursuits.

As you step into the cafe, the word “blue” comes to mind with both walls and counter a pleasant shade of blue.

Along the right side of the cafe looking in from the door is a long red padded bench with a high back and a series of small round tables with a wooden chair.

The Owner Has a Long History Of Coffee Experience

Mathew Peter owns the twentySix cafe with a long coffee-related history before taking on the TwentySix cafe. He had run coffee shops and been an account manager for Nossa Familia Coffee.

This man knows his coffee, and everyone who was asked commented on how good the coffee at TwentySix Cafe is. Having worked for Nossa Familia Coffee, it is perhaps no wonder that this is what they serve in TwentySix Cafe. They also serve Fox Fire Tea, which is a loose tea.

Their Coffee Is Prepared With Nossa Familia Coffee

The business started with the founder’s Brazilian coffee farms. The company is a promoter of Holistic Sustainable Coffee and ethical sourcing.

The company deals direct, on a fair trade basis, with family farms in Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, and Kenya. All of their beans are roasted on Loring Machines, which are the most environmentally friendly roasters available.

They Offer A Range Of Gluten Free Food Options

The cafe has a range of food products, including Sandwiches, Bagels, Daily Soup, Small Plates, Salads, Snacks, and Pastries. The daily soups are pretty amazing and very popular. They also have a range of gluten-free products.The cafe also serves beer and wine.

While the coffees are excellent and the food enjoyable, I get the impression that the success of this cafe is due to the ambiance that has been achieved with a combination of its classic European style interior and the rustic practical feel of the rear patio.

It is really like stepping into some time warp that takes you back to an earlier, more relaxed age.


2723 NE 7TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97212