How To Get Nitro Coffee Into The Office

nitro coffee guide

Different people like their coffee in different ways. Nitro coffee is one type of coffee that is taking the market by storm, since most people are liking it more and more.

This cold brewed coffee, mixed with nitrogen, has been found to have more benefits than regular brewed coffee. It also brings convenience that isn’t found with other types of coffee.

It is often served from a tap, and it has a distinct taste associated with the nitrogen addition. The coffee can be consumed in different ways, such as black, or in addition to a sweet cream of choice.

Some people also add it to cocktails to bring out a uniqueness to an adult beverage. When it comes to bringing nitro coffee into the office, however, the following should be considered. If you don’t know what is nitro brew coffee, please read our detailed article.

Choose The Best Option

The first step in bringing nitro coffee into the office is deciding whether you want to get a tap installed there, or you want someone who can deliver at specific intervals.

Since most people rely on coffee at the office, it could be better to have a readily available nitro coffee machine anytime someone needs it.

Drinking coffee keeps most employees alert and as such, productive. If it helps, talk to your employees and find out what they would prefer.

Contact A Reputable Supplier

Many coffee shops pride themselves in making the best coffee, with some of them taking part in supplying coffee making machines. Depending on what your decision is, you should contact the appropriate supplier.

If you choose someone to bring in ready-made coffee, ensure that they bring fresh coffee, and are able to keep the specified time frame.

If you choose to install a nitro coffee tap at the office, which is the most convenient option, ensure you get a company that will bring the equipment, and offer installation services at good prices.

Most of those companies will bring everything required, including the nitrogen, and will offer a package deal, which tends to be cheaper.

Installation And Supplies

When installing the tap, you have to ensure that you follow maintenance procedures frequently. You should also ensure that you can get a supply of freshly ground coffee for your nitro coffee every day.

The company that installs the kegerator should be responsible for ensuring that fresh nitro coffee is available every day, which will make them responsible for bringing the ground coffee.

Alternatively, if you opt for cup deliveries, you can have them customized to suit your office.

Enjoy The Nitro Machine

With the successful installation and operation of this machine (should you choose to go that route), the productivity of your employees will increase.

They will spend little time going on coffee brakes, since they’ll have it readily available in the office. Nitro machines have many benefits, including the ease with which they can be operated. Getting one into your office is the best way to acquire daily nitro coffee for you and your employees.


It’s advisable to go for a tasting first, when looking for a nitro coffee supplier for the office. This will give you the opportunity to sample a few potential suppliers, and choose the best one.

You’ll also be able to weigh your options practically, and consider all the pros and cons of having a nitro keg tap in the office. With the great taste of nitro coffee, your employees will appreciate the kegerator.