Wash Perk – Denver CO

Wash Perk

Wash Perk is a coffee shop and cafe located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in April of 2008 by Teri Meehan and Debbi Main, but in July of 2015, Wash Perk was placed in the hands of a new owner: Liz Snyder.

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New Ownership in 2015

Though originally from out of state, she kept Wash Perk the same as it had always been, and that is a coffee shop that strives to be the staple, go-to hub of its neighborhood. Situated a few blocks away from Washington Park, the cafe acts as a “perk” of sorts, hoping to satisfy the desires of locals, and foster a coffee community in the process.

The space is covered in tans walls and red trim, and furnished with stand-alone wooden tables and chairs, a few leather cushioned options, as well as a lengthy, straight bar fashioned to a wall, and a square one surrounding a supporting pillar.

The Decor is Very Eclectic

The decor is eclectic, not only featuring pieces of local artists’ work, but windows that hang from the ceiling, merely providing aesthetic pleasantries amidst the blue and red hanging-lamps. Smaller attributes can be found in the notes, trinkets, and framed pictures scattered throughout the shop.

Try Out Their Shop or Find A Cart In the City

The products sold at Wash Perk are available in limited form outside of the shop as well, as the business occasionally runs a bicycle-operated coffee cart, allowing them to disperse their beverages throughout the local area, or as far as they can ride the heavy machine.

At the shop, however, the goods are plentiful. Wash Perk seeks to purvey the best local coffees, and currently it is provided by Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Alley Cat Roasters.

The Drink Menu is Modest and Delicious

The modest menu the coffee creates includes espresso, drip coffee, cappuccinos, americanos, doppios, cortados, mochas, cafe au laits, and lattes, available plain or with added syrup flavors like lavender, marshmallow, vanilla, and more, or alternative milks.

There are Non-Coffee Favorites

Non-coffee beverages include local looseleaf teas, hot chocolates, and chai and mate lattes. All beverages are available hot or iced, and are complimented by the locally provided food, such as burritos from Mame’s, bagels from Moe’s, and pastries like scones, cakes, pop tarts, and more from Beet Box and Spruce Bakery.

There is Locally Sourced Food Items On the Menu

The consumable offerings lend themselves to cozying-up and relaxing, which Wash Perk ultimately desires for people to do, while having conversations and forming connections within their quaint neighborhood coffee shop.

So, whether you see their products strolling by you on a bike, or you are strolling by the shop itself, Wash Perk can provide for you via its coffee cart.


853 E Ohio Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80209