What is the Best Kona Coffee for Coffee Lovers?

Coffee lovers know that there’s nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning… especially coffee from Hawaii… and especially Kona coffee!

When it comes to finding the best coffee for a good price, Kona coffee is a top contender, Rocky style. Grown exclusively in the Kona region of Hawaii, Kona coffee is known for its rich flavor and smooth texture. But with so many different brands and types of Kona coffee out there, how do you know which one is the best for you?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different options of Kona coffee brands and types and help you find the best one to suit your taste buds.

What are the Best Kona Coffee Brands Out There?

me serving Blue Horse to my friends

Lucky for you, I tried over a dozen coffees for you and did the research. Here are the top five I absolutely loved and you should order a couple of these selections just in case you like one way more than the other one. Coffee taste is very subjective, hence the reason I recommend you try more than one from this list. Here we go:

#1. Blue Horse 100%

This coffee is perfect for people who value quality over quantity. The 100 Kona beans provide a rich, delicious flavor and smooth finish. It’s also free of pesticides and chemicals so you know you’re getting nothing but top-notch quality.

#2. Imagine Kona Peaberry Coffee

peaberry beans lined up

If you’re looking for a unique, intense flavor, then the Imagine Kona Peaberry Coffee is the right choice. This rare type of coffee bean produces a more concentrated cup that packs a punch. It’s smooth and aromatic with hints of chocolate and nutty notes.

#3. Kona Gold Coffee

This coffee is an excellent choice for those who want something bold and flavorful. It’s made with 100% pure Kona beans that are carefully roasted to bring out their robust flavor. It has a strong aroma and intense taste that will wake up your taste buds.

#4. Hualalai Coffee

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, then the Hualalai Coffee is perfect. It has a mild body and subtle flavor that is perfect for those who want something a bit more mellow. This single origin Kona coffee is smooth and sweet with hints of honey and chocolate.

#5. Koa Coffee

The last coffee on our list is Koa Coffee. It’s made with 100% Kona beans which is awesome. This coffee has a full-bodied flavor with notes of pure chocolate Kona, honey, and toasted nuts. It’s smooth, flavorful, and perfect for any coffee lover.

Keep in mind that every coffee drinker’s palette varies.  What I might love, you may dislike strongly and vice versa. I like coffee with strong flavour but not to the point where it tastes burnt. I tend to prefer lightly and medium roasted coffee.

Types of Kona Coffee To Know About

hawaiian kona red

Before you shop for Kona coffee, it’s important to understand the different types. Here are a few of the most popular varieties:

White Kona Coffee

This type of Kona coffee is made from light-roasted beans and has a mild flavor with subtle hints of sweetness. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a light, smooth of coffee.

Golden Kona Coffee

This type of Kona coffee is made from medium-roasted beans, giving it a bolder flavor than White Kona Coffee. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a more full-bodied cup of coffee.

Kona Blend Coffee

One of the most popular types of Kona coffee is Kona blend coffee. As the name suggests, this coffee is made by mixing Kona coffee beans with beans from other regions. While it doesn’t have the same rich flavor as pure Kona coffee, it’s a great option for those who want to enjoy a taste of Kona coffee on a budget.

Kona blend coffee typically has a medium roast and a mild flavor with hints of cocoa and nutty undertones.

Medium Roast Kona Coffee

If you’re looking for a pure Kona coffee, medium roast Kona coffee is a great choice. This type of coffee has a bold flavor with notes of dark chocolate and caramel, and it’s perfect for those who like their coffee strong. Medium roast Kona coffee is also great for brewing espresso or making a latte.

Dark Roast Kona Coffee

For those who prefer a richer and more robust flavor, dark roast Kona coffee is the way to go. This coffee is roasted for a longer period of time, which gives it a deep, smoky flavor with hints of cocoa and nuts. This type of coffee is great for those who like to savor the flavor of their coffee and want to enjoy a rich and bolder taste.

Peaberry Kona Coffee

Peaberry Kona coffee is a unique type of Kona coffee that is made from a single bean in the coffee cherry, rather than two. This gives it a rounder and fuller flavor with hints of fruit and acidity. Peaberry Kona coffee is known for its aroma and is a great coffee for those who appreciate a complex and nuanced flavor.

Extra Fancy Kona Coffee

Extra Fancy Kona coffee is the highest grade of Kona coffee available. This coffee is made from the largest and most perfectly shaped beans, which gives it a smooth texture and a bright, refreshing taste. Extra Fancy Kona coffee is great for those who want to enjoy the best of the best and appreciate a high-quality cup of coffee.

Is Kona Coffee Better Than Arabica?

When it comes to choosing between Kona coffee and Arabica, the answer isn’t so simple. Both types of coffee are considered high-quality and have their own unique flavor profiles. Kona coffee is known for its bold, smoky flavor, while Arabica is lighter and has more subtle taste.

Personally, having drank a 100% Kona a few times in my life, I think it beats Arabica coffee any day due to the purity and exclusivity of the environment in which it is grown.

What is the Difference Between Hawaiian Coffee and Kona Coffee?

Hawaiian and Kona coffees are two different types of coffee that are produced in Hawaii. Hawaiian coffee is made from beans grown on any of the islands in Hawaii, while Kona coffee is only made with beans grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

Kona coffee is often considered to be superior to Hawaiian coffee due to the unique microclimate and growing conditions on the slopes of these two volcanoes. Kona coffee is also more expensive due to its exclusivity and limited production.


Finding the best Kona coffee can be a challenge, but with so many different types of Kona coffee available, there’s sure to be one that suits your taste buds.

Whether you prefer a mild flavor with hints of cocoa or a rich, bold taste with smoky undertones, there’s a Kona coffee out there for you. So brew a cup of your favorite Kona coffee and savor the unique flavor of Hawaii’s best coffee. Happy brewing!