What Is Yirgacheffe Coffee?!

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There are millions of people around the world who love their coffee. Whether their coffee is a known brand, or an international exotic brand, coffee lovers are always up for trying something new.

This article talks about the international coffee known as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. If you are planning on traveling to the southern part of Ethiopia, then you will hear about all of the great coffees they make there.

One of the best brands grown in Ethiopia, and the most expensive, is Yirgacheffe coffee. This article will discuss how Yirgacheffe coffee is grown, where it originated, the taste, and the cost of this beautiful tasting coffee.

How Is Yirgacheffe Coffee Grown?

The Yirgacheffe coffee bean stands heads and tails above the other coffee beans in southern Ethiopia. It is grown seventeen hundred to twenty two hundred meters above sea level, and is considered the best washed, high grown coffee in southern Ethiopia.

The Origin Of Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe coffee originated in a smaller region called Yirga Chefe, which is a micro region of Sidama, where many of the Ethiopian coffees come from.

Sidama is located in the southern region of Ethiopia, and is a place where many of the Ethiopian coffee beans are grown.

The Taste

Yirgacheffe coffee has a sweet, chocolate aroma that reminds you of butter pecan and chocolate cocoa powder combined. It has a light to medium body taste, but can be full body as well.

The Cost

Because Yirgacheffe coffee is considered an exotic coffee, it can be somewhat pricey. There are places that will sell 5 pounds of the coffee beans for over fifty dollars per bag, and they only go up from there.

However, if you just want to try it to see if you like it or not, an 8 ounce bag should cost anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars.

One Of The World’s Most Sought After Coffees

While Yirgacheffe coffee is costly, it is still one of the most sought after coffees in the world. For the chocolate lover in coffees, the taste is indescribable, and a must-have for the enthusiastic traveler and coffee drinker.

While Yirgacheffe coffee is grown in the southern Ethiopian regions, you can purchase the coffee all over the world and online. You can begin your search in specialty coffee shops, or international food markets. Whether you are a beginning coffee drinker, or a coffee enthusiast, the taste of Yirgacheffe coffee will not disappoint.


As always, when you are searching for something, do your homework. Find the stores with the best deals on Yirgacheffe coffee, particularly if this is your first time trying it. Although it is advisable to work your way up to it when starting on your coffee journey.

There are many stores online that will ship Yirgacheffe coffee right to your front door. Wake up in the morning with a cup of one of the best coffees in the world.

Tell your family, neighbors and friends about your Yirgacheffe coffee drinking experience. Enjoy a little piece of southern Ethiopia, without having to physically travel there!