Which Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best: Auto Drip, French Press, Or Pour Over?

To some, coffee preparation is an art. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, ranging from speed of preparation to accessibility of tools.

Below, you will learn about three three coffee brewing methods (auto drip, pour over, and French Press), and which coffees are suited to each preparation style.

#1. Auto Drip

Auto drip is the most commonly used coffee brewing method. In this method, a paper or metal filter is placed in the top of the brewing mechanism.

Once the coffee grounds are added, a button is pressed and the coffee brews, slowly dripping into a pot or cup.

Those using auto drip will usually need medium ground coffee. Auto drip machines with cone filtration systems are best suited for a fine grind, which is the best economical use of coffee beans.

However, flavor is often sacrificed with this coffee brewing method; the finer the bean, the more bitter the taste.

#3. French Press

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Since being invented in 1929, the French Press method has gained traction for rendering tasty, superior results consistently. This method soaks, steeps, and strains ground coffee in a press pot filled with hot water. The coffee bean’s essential oils diffuse into the coffee, giving a pure, strong, complex flavor.

For French Press users, the key is to pick high quality coffee beans that are ground roughly. High quality, freshly roasted beans, with nuanced flavors, will show off the capabilities of this brewing method.

Although any variety of coffee bean will do, this brewing method showcases unique beans, such as Liberica, a rare, lightly colored, irregularly sized bean with a smoky, woody, floral, fruity taste. You can use something like a Bodum to aid in delivering that perfect mug of morning or afternoon boost you may be looking for.

#3. Pour Over

Pour over brewing is one of the quickest, cheapest, and oldest brewing methods with which to experiment. It involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds that are contained in a cone or filter.

These cones or filters can be plastic, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or paper. Filter type and shape will influence coffee flavor. Gravity causes the brewed coffee to drip into a cup or pot.

Like the auto drip method, pour over is best suited to medium ground coffee beans of all varieties. Try a Brazilian bean, since they provide a soft, nutty flavor similar to bittersweet chocolate. It is a great low acid option.

Coffee Brewing Methods Conclusion

All three coffee brewing methods discussed above are relatively fast, easy, and accessible for novice users. Plus, they are compatible with many different types of coffee beans.

The most important factors are bean quality, and the size of the grind. With these factors in mind, anyone can make a great cup of coffee at home.